Essential Steps to Start Your Job Search

Step 1: Set goals and know what you want

What are you looking for? Short term or long term? Figure out what you want to do as well as what you don’t want to do. You should know which fields or industries you enjoy, and what types of positions you would be interested in.

Step 2: Research

After you set your job search goals, it is essential to research and learn about the employers and positions within that field to help you in tailoring your resume and cover letter to the position.

Step 3: Prepare

Start writing your resume, cover letter and practice your interview. Don’t wait until you find a job you want to apply for to start preparing. You want to have your updated resume and cover letter so you can act quickly when opportunities arise.

Step 4: Set aside time to apply

Set aside a few hours a day to look online for job opportunities, attend job fairs, or utilize social media.

Step 5: Stay Organized

Create an excel sheet or use free tools like Stipplo to organize and track your job process. Create a “To Do” list and check your progress at the end of each day. Keep accurate information of your employers contact information, positions you applied to and other important notes.

Step 6: Follow Up

For each job you applied to, follow up! Call or email within two to three weeks of submitting your resume. Following up will help you set apart from other candidates and demonstrate your interest in the position. When you follow up, demonstrate professionalism and remember to give employers a few days to respond.



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