Keep track of your interviews with Stipplo

Track interviews with Stipplo

We know that interviews are a big part of your job search process, that’s why Stipplo made it easy to track potential interview questions and dates to help you prepare for your interviews alongside your job applications.

You can access the interview section in two different ways. One is going directly to the “Interviews” page on the side panel and the other way is within the Job Application Card itself.

Adding through Interview Page

By going to the Interview Page on the side panel, you get access to all your interviews. You can see all your upcoming interviews, past interviews and add new ones.

Interview Page

When adding a new interview, you will have to select the corresponding Job Application your interview is for. The search results are in the order of Job Board > Column Name/Status > Job Application. After finding the correct Job Application, you can enter the date, time and interview title.

Adding new interview though Interview Page

By clicking into the individual interview, you can view all the details related to that interview. If you want to take notes during the interview, you can go on the “Notes” tab to easily keep track of everything there. You can view details of the job application easily if you need some reminders on which and what the interview is for.

Details on interviews

Adding Interviews through Individual Job Application

Another way of adding and viewing interviews is through individual Job Application. When you are adding job applications to your Job Board, you can select the “Interviews” tab to start adding new interviews.

Adding interview through Individual Job Application

You can add multiple questions within each interview and you can add as many interviews as needed. All questions and answers are easily editable by clicking on them.

Editing Interviews

With Stipplo’s Interview feature, you no longer need a different platform like notepad or docs to prep for your interview questions. We offer everything in one place to simplify the entire process of the job search!

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