Stipplo’s Quickstart Guide

A little about Stipplo

Stipplo is an all in one platform that simplifies your entire job search process. Applying to jobs and managing them can be time consuming and disorganized. It may require you to use different tools to track different things such as emails, contacts, interviews and jobs you applied on different job listing sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. This is where Stipplo comes in! We have everything in one place which saves you tons of time and stress to make your job search process as seamless as possible!

On to how Stipplo works

Creating board
First thing first, creating a job board. You have the option of creating a brand new board by clicking “add new board” or easily import a CSV file of any existing spreadsheets you use for your job search. You can learn more about importing here.

Adding a job board

After creating your board, Stipplo auto-generates a default template for you which you can edit each column to your liking.

Default job board template

Adding job applications
You can then add jobs you want to the appropriate stage manually

Adding job application to job board

or use our chrome extension to add jobs with a few clicks while you’re browsing job listing sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. Learn more about Stipplo’s extension here.

Stipplo’s Chrome Extension

Drag and drop
You can easily drag and drop your job applications making it easy to update and move it to the next stage of your job search

Drag and drop job apps or columns

Record important details

Keep track of all the necessary information under your job app like job description, interviews, contacts, notes and more. Under our interview tab, you can keep a record of upcoming interviews and interview questions you want to prepare for this position. Learn more about our interviews feature here.

Interviews — keeping track of upcoming interviews or interview questions

You can record who you contacted with or network with under contacts section. Track their name, company, position, email, phone number, and any additional notes about them.

Contacts — record people you contacted or network with

With notes, you can keep any additional information you want like interview logs, reminders for yourself, company notes, etc.

Notes — Flexible way to record all other necessary information

Applying to jobs with tailored resumes helps companies see that you have the skills they need, and gives you a higher chance to land an interview. Stipplo allows you to attach documents to each job application you apply to in case you forget which resume or documents you sent in!

Attaching Documents within Job Apps

You can view all your uploaded documents on the Documents page.

Store any documents within Stipplo

We know that interviews are a big part of your job search process, that’s why Stipplo made it easy to track potential interview questions and dates to help you prepare for your interviews alongside your job applications. Learn more about our interview features here!

Interview — calendar view of your upcoming interviews

Job searching is already hard itself. Stipplo is simplifies every step of the process to make your job search easier than ever. Stipplo is free to use, sign up here if you’re new, or log in here to continue your job search with us!



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